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PROFESSIONAL FRENCH TRANSLATION SERVICES Professional French translation has the potential for turning into a highly profitable business and career. Since French and English are considered as global languages, the companies that offer French to English, and English to French translation services have great business potential. The requirement for language translations is highest in languages which are spoken by most numbers of people around the world. French is one such language. Starlanguage strives to meet the growing demand of French translation across numerous language pairs and fields. We have a highly experienced and talented team of professional French translation experts who are not only specialists in a wide number of language pairs, but are also well informed in different fields like medicine, technology, art and others. Apart from being widely used in the European Union, French has grown into one of the most popular foreign languages used in the US. Consider the figures - French is the mother language of around a hundred million people and another 60 million or so use it as their second language. It also serves as the official language of several international and multinational companies, and global organizations like UNESCO, UNO, Red Cross etc. Altogether it is used in 5 continents and 51 countries around the planet.
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